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Warehouse Work

Run Time 21 minutes

Score 4.14

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Circle Jerk

Warehouse Work

Recently, Joey did some recruiting work for me and voila; here's Dakota Philips. The location as well as Dakota's "inspiration" for jerking off was also provided by Joey. With his beefy, hairy body, and uncut dick, I think Dakota is a great fit for The Guy Site. There's also a bonus j⁄o of Joey. -Enjoy!

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joker81 - 2015/01/25

Lucky me ... I found you here. Beautiful video. Love your chest hair and bushy pubes, surely gives you a gentlemanly character.. and that gorgeous cock and beautiful ass, which drives me nuts when you play with your ass. Love you.

Zachary - 2021/02/02

Stumbled across this, and so glad I did. At the beginning, I asked myself, "where did the photographer, go?" And, then around 6:30 there he is in all his glory, confidence and inspiration for Dakota. Different scene, a new dick, and the same quaility. Joey is a natural and a superstar. Can't wait to see more of him.