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Very Merry

Run Time 30 minutes

Score 4

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Costume Solo

Very Merry

Took a long time to achieve this shoot. Luke really didn't want to let all his body hair grow out. Still and all, here he is in all his glory. As an added bonus, I got to try a suggestion from one of the members: He let me feel him up. It was even more of a thrill than I thought it would be. Apparently it wasn't too bad for him either as he got hard! The only downside was that after the shoot, he planned on shaving his chest. For those of you who would be interested, you'll be able to see him do just that in his movie-while buck naked of course.

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mimoza7 - 2016/04/21

Love that big head ... nice to suck on and that curved COCK is lovely. The body HAIR and the bushy PUBES surely turns me on. Very horny.