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Tight End

Run Time 11 minutes

Score 4.44

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Hands Free Cumshot Solo

Tight End

Josh was wary of being filmed naked. He asked lots of questions before agreeing to film and unfortunately made it clear he didn't want to be pressured into doing anything gay. All he sent for consideration were shirtless pics and that's all I needed to know I wanted to have this 6'7" ex college football player on the site. What a pleasant surprise it was when he dropped his drawers to reveal he has an over sized dick and balls to go with his oversized body. He's a real man too with hair in all the right places. As you watch his movie you'll notice he does have one drawback, an unfortunate tattoo. It's a Scandinavian name and you'll know it when you see it.

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buhbear - 2015/12/02

Wow this is a dream guy from college ... Tall hairy and super cute.

mimoza7 - 2016/06/05


Poindexter - 2016/02/19

Very hot dude. Handsome, awesome hairy body, big cock and I love his balls!

Reef27 - 2021/04/10

Josh is definitely a tall drink of water at 6'7"; I have to wonder if his chiropractor is as tall or taller; we never found out his shoe size! Josh has an amazing smile and bright blue eyes and an all-American look that is engaging to watch. His all-natural looks and charming banter make this a fun video to watch; was Josh sewing some wild Oates? I have to wonder what does he look like today. Thank you, Josh, XX&OO! Thank you, The Guy Site!