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Sweet Hunk of Joy

Run Time 17 minutes

Score 5.0

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Sweet Hunk of Joy

Beefy and muscular with a nice fat cock, Tim reminds me of Luke. He's had some experience with men before but never farther than he went on camera for TGS. Stay tuned, that video will be coming soon.

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bear908 - 2017/05/06

Hot! Get him in an action scene ASAP!

bearlight1 - 2017/04/29

Now THIS is a man! He mentioned that he had just gotten fucked the day before this shoot, which means I'd love to see him get plowed by someone who appreciates a big hunk like him. A fervent wish on my part LOL

BillRinNC - 2017/04/27

This guy and Blaze together would be a dream come true!

BullSF16 - 2017/04/27

Wow! More please!! Great build and thick all over. I hope he gets an action scene soon.

enriky82 - 2017/04/28

Yes, TIM is surely a SWEET HUNK OF JOY ! Handsome, Beefy, Masculine, tightly Muscular and a very hard gorgeous COCK. Also HE has a very nice Man-Hole ! Damn ! wish i could spend a night with him & FUCK him good !

enriky82 - 2017/05/17

Have to see this sexy HOT man again. My fervent wish is : I think if you can get CAIN WEST TO FUCK TIM, it would be a sensational pair. GOSH ! Love this MAN. I get so HORNY viewing this video !

Fireplug - 2017/05/02

Great video and I really enjoyed the commentary from him.. Was cool to get to know him a little more.

gingerbottom - 2017/09/25

Loved finding this guy on here. 100% stud. Hope to see more of him.

iswim1 - 2017/06/03

What a gem. A real man with a great fun loving personality! More of him the sooner the better.

lemonhead - 2017/06/01

This is the guy you might see browsing around at Home Depot on an early Sunday morning. He's the divorced father sharing custody of 2 daughters. He's the guy waiting at the light in a pickup truck. He's the P.E. teacher in high school with a gold wedding band that's been firmly in place for 11 years. He's THAT GUY.

njbears - 2017/05/14

......pick a hot guy from where ever and just tell him to strip. So hot makes my balls tingle. Like, hey you come with me I'm going to suck your dick. And when this guy Luke walks and his big fuckin' cock walks with him. Well I held out until I saw his hole. I'll review the rest of Tim's video when I make it that far. Phew! All man.

olinebear - 2017/05/03

This is a hot video! I look forward to seeing more of him. I would like to see more guys that lean more towards beefy, stocky than toward lean and trimmed. If you like beefy bull guys, you'll love this one!

sdpadre2 - 2017/04/27

Amazing Amazing so fuckin Amazing. I hope we do get to see more of Tim. I would follow him anywhere.

tazz77mb - 2017/05/14

Looking good, this guy is more fitting for the great "The Guy Site".. Good job.

TommyZ - 2017/04/28

Felt like I was hit by a bolt of lightning when I saw him. Super studly, and good looking too. He and Marcelo should make a vid together!

zipperman - 2017/04/27

You really hit the mark with this man! He is so sexy!! I really love the more 'manly' men like this, rather than some of the shaved 'boys' you sometimes feature. Tim is right out of my wettest wet dreams! More please??

Sean - 2019/03/10

beefy hunk!. I would love to suck his sweet cock

MuscleDaddyLover - 2019/11/08

Hot Damn! Tim is one beautiful man. I love his sense of humor. He has a great mix of confidence and playfulness.

Deimosmoon - 2019/12/08

Very nice!

JoeMama - 2020/12/16

This video is poggers.