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Smart and Beautiful

Run Time 16 minutes

Score 4.94

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Smart and Beautiful

Jack is a blond, blue eyed hunk who isn't afraid to let his body hair grow. On the other hand, he was a little nervous getting buck naked and letting it all hang out for the cameras. For a while, he wasn't quite sure he'd be able to get off. Rest assured, he ends up delivering a fountain of cum. This gorgeous guy a scientist, smart and beautiful. Want to know what kind? Watch his movie now and find out that and what's between his ass cheeks!

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mimoza7 - 2016/05/21

Awesome cum gorgeous cock nice pubes.

vincentld48 - 2017/05/23

A very handsome man!!! A very fine dick!!! If at all possible would like to see more of Jack!!!

itisafable - 2019/02/02

More of Jack 4 please! He is insanely attractive.

rayonblvd - 2020/06/24

He's so handsome. Would have been amazing to see him spread out on a bed.

Reef27 - 2020/12/04

Jack is so cute and sexy; his bright smile lights up when he mentions that he likes guys and girls! I appreciate his honesty, who doesn't like to be in charge of pleasure? As Jack gets naked, he reveals a physique that has been trained with close attention to detail; perhaps the scientific method. : ) We are treated to seismic activity as the room rocks with a gusher of "Man Milk". Thank you, Jack and The Guy Site! XX&OO!