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Popping Junior's Cherry Behind the Scenes

Run Time 14 minutes

Score 4

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Behind the Scenes Hardcore

Popping Junior's Cherry Behind the Scenes

Here's everything you didn't see when Junior got his cherry popped. One of the highlights is Bruiser fingering Junior to get him ready and then the very first time he puts his dick in Junior's ass to get him used to the sensation. There was one more thing that Junior had never done, docking. He didn't even know what it was. Surprisingly for someone who had just taken it up the ass, he was pretty shy about wrapping his foreskin around another man's dick. You get to see it all here.

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bookish - 2015/01/20

Really enjoyed seeing the guys in more candid moments. Didn't expect Aaron Bruiser to be so funny.

JimmyMac - 2015/01/02

Oh man love this one, the guys had me laughing so hard at points I was crying LOL.

batorA - 2018/11/25

Nice! love behind the scenes clips and outtakes.

Chuckers - 2021/09/16

Bruiser gets better every time I see him. This is a great BTS video. Sex should be fun as well as hot.