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Multitalented Guy

Run Time 32 minutes

Score 5

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Multitalented Guy

Jon's not a newcomer to getting naked on the internet. It shows in how comfortable he is stripping down and showing off. He's also very proud of his body as he's lost a lot of weight since he was a football linebacker. For his movie, he demonstrates a martial arts kick and even a little ballet for some added spice. All the while, he's of course buck naked.

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Reef27 - 2021/04/12

Jon is an All-American Man; he served in the US Military, played football as a linebacker, Kick boxes, and know some awesome ballet moves! Jon is considered a Quadruple Threat; I am somewhat jealous! Jon is a sexy," boy next door" and his looks, and vulnerability are downright charming. Jon has all the right equipment for an exciting life full of adventure; I enjoy the explosion before the shower! That you Jon, XX&OO! I wonder what you are doing today? Thank you, The Guy Site!