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Hairy DILF

Run Time 15 minutes

Score 3

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Hairy DILF

In you look in the dictionary under DILF, you'll might find a picture of Mike Anders. Hairy, muscular, and, mature he's the definition of DILF. Watch this man with his deep, gruff voice and hot body jerk it.

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amoree7 - 2015/10/13

Awesome asshole. Gorgeouss cock. Nice pubes.

gltbears - 2016/12/06

Beatiful body, excellent chest and tummy hair. Kinda bearish - which is a total turn on. Bet he packs a fuck punch! Thick dick, like that extra skin he mentioned. Can imagine his thighs wrapped around my face while he face fucks me! UNF

nerddude85 - 2016/05/07

He's beautiful. Totally frickin beautiful. I wish he wouldn't shave his hair right where it meets his cock...but hey, lots of straight guys think they have to do that, hehe. At least he kept his pubic hair, most of it! That's a good thing! :-)