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Great Hands Free Work

Run Time 13 minutes

Score 4.89

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Great Hands Free Work

Whenever possible, I try to get the guys to cum hands free. If you've ever tried it, you'll know it's easier said than done. A lot of the guys here just can't stop jerking when it's time. Our ripped muscular muscular hunk this week "pulls it off" without a hitch.

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amoree7 - 2015/09/30

Gosh ! A very sexy handsome young man ! Great body, awesome hard cock. Lovely head ( would be nice to suck ). And a nice pinkish ass.

jodii30 - 2018/02/15

That was fucking Beautiful!

joker81 - 2014/12/30

Yes, very sexy hand FREE cum. Gorgeous cock and a very BEAUTIFUL asshole.

mimoza7 - 2016/04/28

Handsome young guy. gorgeous COCK. Beautiful pinkish ASS ! WoW ! I love that ASS ... hand free copious CUM ! LUV THIS GUY !

TXpump - 2015/03/31

This guy is HOT HOT HOT! Please bring him back for more!

vincentld48 - 2017/05/23

Very handsome!!! FINE body and cock!!! Would love to more of Hunter!!!

Reef27 - 2020/12/26

Hunter is a Beautiful youthful man; his natural charisma shines throughout this video. Hunter's, warm, and sexy masculine voice is all the more charming by his bright smile. Hunter has the physique of a Greek Youth; his well-defined musculature would have been sought out by many Renaissance Painters and Sculptures. After 6 long years, it would be epic to see hunter grace the video cameras once again! XX&OO! Thank you The Guy Site!

Danny McDanny - 2021/05/02

I'll be your slave/ give you a shave..... I would love to lick that dingus!