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Great Guy with Low Hangers

Run Time 23 minutes

Score 5

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Great Guy with Low Hangers

Brad used to be a wrestler with a competition weight close to 100 pounds. Since then he's been lifting and put on weight in all the right places. One thing he's always had: a big old dick with low hangers backing it up.

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amoree7 - 2015/10/11

Love hanging balls. Love rimming hairy ass. Nice handsome guy.

DaddyLong - 2016/06/18

There's an ancient Greek statue called "The Charioteer of Delphi". There's a resemblance.

enriky82 - 2016/10/11

Beautiful photography of the genitalia. Am impressed by the nice big HEAD of this handsome guy's cock. Love those hanging balls. Noticed he has a nice way of masturbating his shaft. Yummy CUM !

joker81 - 2015/01/20

Brad seems a sweet, amiable gentleman. With a great smooth clean muscled body, gorgeous cock, nice hanging balls and a bushy pinkish man-hole , how I wish I could cuddle, fuck, kiss, rim, and, of course make love. Seems a very sensual guy to be with in bed.

Reef27 - 2021/07/22

Wow, Brad is beautiful! I enjoy everything about this video; Brad has such an amazing physique. I hope that Brad visits The Guy Site very soon! Thank you for sharing the love Brad, XX&OO! Thank you, The Guy Site!