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Ex Marine

Run Time 15 minutes

Score 3

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Ex Marine

Usually, when models send in pics to be considered for the site, there isn't much to go by. What they send in usually is a pic taken with a camera phone. These pics are so small you really can't make much out. Sometimes, they don't even take their shirts off. I was impressed when Chris sent me his picture. It was a nice photo of himself buck naked taken with digital camera in the bathroom mirror. Large and clear, I could easily see his pretty blue eyes, hefty semi hard dick, and very cut muscular body. Naturally, I arranged a shoot with him right away. When he showed up, I found him to be even better than the pic he sent in. In that one, I couldn't make out the tattoo on his left arm. It's a Marine Corps bulldog; always a plus in my opinion. There was another pleasant surprise as well. When he's hard, his dick has what he described during the shoot as "a vicious curve." I'd describe it's looks as "delicious."

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Reef27 - 2021/06/02

Straight from the archive vault; I am so glad I looked at Chris in this video. The video description is "On Spot"; as we blow the dust off we can see a "Monster Cock". Chris is truly blessed with a magnificent package including low hangers. Chris exudes a warm personality and a beautiful physique to match. Being a Marine makes Chris double attractive; I hope that he still looks this amazing in 2021. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your abundance! XX&OO!