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Chad and Ace

Run Time 24 minutes

Score 4.33

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Circle Jerk

Chad and Ace

Chad and Ace are opposites in lots of ways. Chad is a cub while Ace has a swimmers build. Chad is naturally hairy while Ace is smooth. Even in their tastes, they have some opposites. Chad, the shorter one likes tall women and Ace, the taller one, likes shorter women. They do have some similarities in that they both like big asses and doggy style sex. See them show of their own asses and everything else they've got before busting a nut.

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gltbears - 2016/12/08

I find CHAD so much more handsome and appealing. His cock is perfect and such nice balls. Huge load too.

batorA - 2018/11/28

I like watching Ace’s facial expression as he masturbates. I thought they would have cum on each other.

Reef27 - 2020/12/13

Ace and Chad are so "Cool Together"; I wish that I was that liberated at 23, to have a relaxing time with my Bro! Our male sexuality needs to be celebrated with such friendships; Chad and Ace have unique masculinity all to themselves which is amazing and beautiful. It would be "Epic" to see both men together today or in a few more years. XX&OO! Thank you The Guy Site!

Ritchie - 2022/08/27

Surprisingly hot video despite no contact between the two. Hot guys doing something I'm sure they still recall to this day.