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Bruiser Fucks Zach

Run Time 37 minutes

Score 4.73

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Bruiser Fucks Zach

Bruiser has pretty much proven to be a natural at the adult business. For this one, he gives Zach a thorough rim job before reaming him out.

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DaddyLong - 2016/06/04

Zach and Bruiser are among the most charming porn stars, plus beef for days...

gltbears - 2016/12/06

Me thinks Zach is a power bottom, his hole been used before and he sucks dick like a pro.

hairyhot - 2017/05/25

Bruiser shoots A LOT! Love it!

mangpepe - 2017/10/22

Now, this is a very sexy man2man sex encounter. both guys have gorgeous COCKS and very beautiful PUBIC hair. made me so HORNY that I enjoyed masturbating and had CUM x2. AWESOME VIDEO !

batorA - 2018/11/17

WOW!, if you want to watch to equally built guys go deep into some real good man on man sexual play, this is the video! I did like and surprised by how the video started with the two already naked , flexing, and feeling each other up. It did save time for the sometimes awkward strip down. The two then showed how horny, hungry, and ready they were as they started to orally work each other's aroused cock. Bruiser soon shows he hot topping skills. The moaning, verbal, and facial expression were also very hot to watch. Both shot a sweet thick load. I thought there might have been a second round in the shower, for they continued to be very playful in the shower. The shower did seem rather small for the two guys. The behind the scenes clips were nice and showed how well the two worked together.

Grunter444 - 2020/06/10

Beautiful! Bruiser loves to get ball deep and Zach is hot as hell and will take it hard! Would love to have been there to make 3.

Reef27 - 2020/09/13

Bruiser and Zach are crazy sexy together; like having two amazing quarterbacks and sending one out on the playing field at a time. After those epic plays on that small mattress, it was refreshing to see their playfulness in the shower as they helped each other get squeaky clean. I love the big bear hugs in behind the scenes: these two best buds have a true bromance. XO! & XO!