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Naked Army Ranger

Run Time 18 minutes

Score 4.43

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Naked Army Ranger

BJ is an ex Army Ranger and he has lots of ink to prove it. Of course, that's not all there is to him. If you like beautiful blue eyes , big dick, and a meaty bubble ass; you'll be pleased. In his movie, you'll get to see how hard his nipples get when he's aroused as well as what's between those tattooed ass cheeks.

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enriky82 - 2017/01/06

Cute handsome guy with BEAUTIFUL EYES AND LONG EYE LACES ! gorgeous Cock and nice balls. Great Body, Beautiful bubble butt ! TOO BAD he shaved his PUBES ! THE SHOWER SHOTS WERE AWESOME !!!

gltbears - 2016/12/08

Cute, sexy, well built little tank! Hot cock. Awesome headlamp nips! His lats turn me the fuck ON! Sexy fuzzy little rump - so tight! Nice, FIRM erection...awesome!

joker81 - 2015/01/27

Everything in this cute handsome guy is outstandingly beautiful ... body, nipples, eyes, cock, balls, ass, bubble butt. Gosh ! He is adorable and huggable.

cojones123 - 2019/03/02

this guys is beautiful! Love those long eyelashes. Beautiful ass hole

Lukas - 2019/04/30

why shaved.........WHY ?

bethel1973 - 2019/05/04

Real cute and adorable guy. Only one thing? Why do so many of these guys shave their pubic hair? In my view, the hair just make s the penis and scrotum hotter.