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Arm Wrestler

Run Time 19 minutes

Score 4

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Arm Wrestler

Chace Lachance is a construction worker, "getting dirty all day breaking rocks" as he describes it. In his spare time he is an arm wrestler and recently started pro muscle model competitions where he won his first show. Sometimes I like to have the guys undress at their own pace and sometimes I like to give direction. It's fun watching him ask "both jeans and underwear?" before he drops his drawers as requested right at the start of his movie. Nothing like getting right down to business.

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cbguy17 - 2017/03/24

Very nice ass too...not enough shots of it!

DaddyLong - 2016/08/17

Yes, beautiful. I hope he gets what he wants out of life.

jetsetb - 2017/12/17

Great model. Hot smooth body and sexy tight balls.

nerddude85 - 2016/07/03

He is so freakin' beautiful. I can only imagine how incredibly even more gorgeous he'd be with a hairy chest!! Hope you guys can bring him back when he's hairy. :-)

Reef27 - 2021/05/29

We are all lucky to have a glimpse of the masculine beauty that is Chance. His arms, chest, abs, and ass are all perfect; you could definitely bounce silver dollars off his butt! This video moves along very quickly since Chance is a marvelous conversationalist; I love his voice and the way he describes things. I hope that Chance has made his living in a warmer climate; thank you, Mr. Sexy: XX&OO!