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Wait for It

Run Time 12 minutes

Score 4.77

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Hands Free Cumshot Outdoors Shadow Boxing/Other Demonstrations Solo

Wait for It

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday we've got a 6'2" college football player naked and hard as a rock. Louis gives a good hands free cum shot. He keeps you in suspense for a moment before it happens so you just have to wait for it.

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7deseos - 2019/02/05

Superbly gorgeous COCK great body sexy legs nice PUBIC hair AND an AWESOME free hand CUM !

James - 2019/02/10

He is totally my type. Perfect dick size and nice bush and I love a young guy in tighty whities. That was so hot. I hope he does more videos.

Lucky7camper - 2019/02/12

This guy is hot n hairy in all the right places. Nice straight up boner. Really hot dick. Nice cum shot. Need to see him with him cheeks spread and hole in the camera’s eye. Mmm mm

KPie123 - 2019/02/16

Love the tighty-whities. He has the perfect cock. This dude was also adorably awkward in all the right ways. I'd love to see him fuck next. Top or bottom. Preferably top but both would be hot. He is very attractive.

Sean - 2019/03/06

cute naked stud- love watching him run naked with a boner! nice cock, balls bush, ass. cute face.

virpilosus - 2019/03/27

YES...totally natural pubic hair; a "real man." MORE!

fireplug - 2019/04/18

He has a perfect 5.5 inch dick... lets see him get fucked!

Boojum - 2019/06/23

Such a cutie! Wish we could see more of him.

Nick - 2019/08/29

Seriously beautiful dude. Wow

dcguy80 - 2020/09/25

What a beautiful man! I wish there were more guys like him as opposed to the rough looking guys covered in tattoos from head to toe that dominate this site. I hope he does another scene.

Lou - 2022/09/30

Louis is just HOT ! It is 9/30/22 and I just saw this video. I wish he would have done more movies. He is just perfect. Please bring him back if possible, thanks !