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Red Beard Man Jerks Off

Run Time 16 minutes

Score 5

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Outdoors Solo

Red Beard Man Jerks Off

Check out the hairy body, red beard, and beefy ass on this one.

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john - 2019/10/25

Nice Hot Guy....wish to see him more times around here.

Lucky 7 camper - 2019/10/25

Hot fucking man. Buck naked and covered in cum. He’s ready for a hook up for us to see.

Tono - 2019/10/25

Wow. wow. WOW. HOTTEST new guy you've had all year! Please bring more of him back. Ginger perfection - woof.

obbie777 - 2019/10/26

Finally a really hot NEW man! Hot everything(face, beard, dick,ass etc.!)Love his drawl too, he really needs to hook up with Scott Johnson for some nude wrestling or massage! I came twice already! MUCH more of him, and I wish it was me with him next!

obbie777 - 2019/10/26

Also love him walking barefoot, AND that hot smile! :)Write a Comment...

sdpadres - 2019/10/26

AMAZING. I love a hot ginger with tattoos and muscles. This guy is everything. SO HOT SO SEXY!!! I can't wait to see more of him.

Lou - 2019/10/26

Wow, that's one hot dude. Love his beefy body and thick cock. That's what I want for Christmas !

nrfletch - 2019/10/27

He is fucking HOT!! You need to get him in a scene with someone soon!! Hope to see more of him.

Lowhngr - 2019/10/29

WOW! Hot ginger! Nice cock, nice balls and hot ass! Can’t wait to see him in action with another dude.

jeremiah2019 - 2019/11/02

Yes, we love seeing you out in the woods....butt-ass naked....covered in cum. Now, I'd like to see a few other things: I want to see another man stripping you butt-ass naked, pulling your nipples, kissing you, and then masturbating you, while you stand there, obedient and passive, letting the other dud have his way with you! You are a hot boy, worth the price of admission to this site!

jeremiah2019 - 2019/11/09

One more thing: what I like best about this video is that this young man is TOTALLY naked: no boots, no hat, nothing. Love seeing a totally naked man walking and running, especially when he has a hardon bouncing between his legs. Bring this guy back....soon! Great video!

Nik - 2019/11/28

This is amazing!

MilitaryGuy - 2019/11/29

Hopefully he comes back for more work. His red beard is so hot on him. I love his chest hair. He has a great chest. Unlike Jacks chest way too big. Just maybe they push Jack to the side. Give this King to more time.

Michael Sample - 2019/11/29

Hey guys what’s this name is?

FPSwing - 2020/02/18

Naked, barefoot and ginger! Hot damn! This guy's a home run, a touchdown and a slam dunk all rolled into one! More please!

CoCo - 2020/05/18

NICE tick ass and HOLE...bring him BACK, PLEASE!!!!!

Reef27 - 2020/08/26

Deliciously sexy ginger-haired hunk lets us enjoy his recreational equipment in the deep woods. Thank you!

jock - 2021/03/15

Sexy stud, and thick in all the right places. One of my favorites on the site.