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Popping Seth's Cherry

Run Time 16 minutes

Score 4.45

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Popping Seth's Cherry

Since Seth made his movie debut many of you have been wondering if he would do some action scenes and if it would be Bane who would star with him. I'm happy to announce it's Bane and Danny taking his cherry. Imagine that. A double fuck for his first time.

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Justlookn - 2020/04/12

That was fucking brilliant!!!!! Wow. You know how to pair them up. Thank you.

Clay - 2020/04/12

Bane needs to spread his cheeks and get fucked or suck some dick.

nrfletch - 2020/04/12 scene! would like to see more of Seth and Danny together. ....Seth is so hot!!

Bradson - 2020/04/12

Clay, I second you on that statement. I'm all about give and take, its what make things stay exciting...

Justlookn - 2020/04/13

I totally agree with Clay . Bane needs to bottom .

Mat - 2020/04/19

Kudos to Seth for taking it like a man, Bane needs to get fucked, and Danny D is the downlow MVP for having a boner from start to finish. Would love to see Danny bottom as well.

Bradson - 2020/04/21

Hey Mat, Danny D is a pro hence why he seems to maintain a hard on throughout.

bearhug1 - 2020/05/28

Get Bane to get fucked!