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Naked Russian Bodybuilder 3

Run Time 14 minutes

Score 5

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Naked Russian Bodybuilder 3

Another big naked Rissian muscle man for you.

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Reef27 - 2021/05/14

Atlas holds up the World; this guy is magnificent! I love the rough and edgy gym and the amazing workout. This God who walks the earth is captured rubbing one out in a leather throne. So much here to unpack; all the same it is awesome! XX&OO! Thank you, The Guy Site!

theGuySiteLover - 2021/05/16

He's HOT as hell!!!

aaronjab8 - 2021/05/18

More of this guy!

GayIsManly69 - 2021/05/22

Absolute PERFECTION! What a gorgeous man from the triceps, the hairy pecs, and that beautiful brow ridge. I hope to the Gods he is into dudes haha. If so please pair him up with Steve Strongarm. The amount of muscles would be off the charts! ;)

Scotty B. - 2021/05/24

These Russian men are all beautiful - just want you to know I'm a huge fan of the Russian bodybuilders you've found as models...feel free to continue the theme!


Love this guy, please make more videos about him and show more of his ass PLEASE!

Jodii - 2021/06/21

Love all of the Big Beautiful Russian Bodybuilders . Ooooo weeeee

Jodii - 2021/06/21

The Big Beautiful men that are on here, are just amazing and so damn lovely to look at . Please keep all the beautiful Russian men coming .

Alex222 - 2021/07/31

please bring him back..... need one more solo of him.... closup of his cumshoot please...thank for the great work!!!!