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Jim Fucks Dustin Good

Run Time 16 minutes

Score 5

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Hardcore Kissing

Jim Fucks Dustin Good

What can two power bottoms do? In this case they can hop on a double dong. Of course Jim can also give as good as he gets. Dustin knows beef is better than silicone and Jim shows him hs appreciation for the ass by leaving a nice hot load all over it.

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Reef27 - 2021/06/10

Is it possible for two men to have too much fun; Dustin and Jim are lucky men! Jim's physique is evolving into a masterpiece like a male sculpture by Michaelangelo. Dustin has the figure of a supple lightweight wrestler or of the mythic Saturn. The man play is taken to a whole new level like the Scales of Justice took a day off. The heavy breathing is juxtaposed by the locomotion of the mattress. Two good-looking men, thank you Jim and Dustin for sharing. XX&OO! Thank you, The Guy Site!

nrfletch - 2021/06/11

jIm is as hot as ever, he is getting more defined each time I see him, hot scene. Love to see two men play with a dildo like that.

jbridge - 2021/06/11

Wow ..Fun Sexy Video ... Missed them both glad they came back....

Porpoise - 2021/06/17

Jim has the most amazing body and cock! It is perfection.

Bighairy123 - 2021/06/17

Love this video. I love that Jim’s dick is on the smaller side. Muscle men with small dicks are hot.

jock - 2021/06/17

Jim is a beautiful scruffy hairy blonde god.

nrfletch - 2021/06/25

I love to men playing with a dildo and this was a very hot scene. Jim looking like he is becoming more define and hot as ever. Would like to see more of him toping and dildo play.