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Damien Stone Pops Rebel's Cherry

Run Time 26 minutes

Score 4.88

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Hardcore Kissing

Damien Stone Pops Rebel's Cherry

Rebel is an ex Army Ranger who did 11 tours of duty in Iraq and Afganistan .Damien Stone gets the honors of giving him the very first ass fuck he's ever had.

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Keiffus - 2020/07/18

FUCK, this is HOT HOT softies in this one. DAMN!!!!

FlowerPower - 2020/07/19

One of the best scenes ever. Hard hard men to the end,

SouthernNBoston - 2020/07/20

I love how hard they are afterwards. Can really tell they were into one another.

Holy Smokes - 2020/07/21

I blew about two minutes in. This scene was (chef’s kiss). Rebel is just such a beautiful specimen, head to toe perfection. And Damien looks great as always. Like Randy and Jack’s, this one’s a winner winner chicken dinner. TGS cherry popping vids are the best thing happening on the internet.

GACuban - 2020/07/21

Add me to the list. This has got to be one of the best videos here! These two guys really seem to be into each other. Great work!

CalOtter - 2020/07/23

HOTTEST SCENE YOU HAVE EVER POSTED! Jack is getting a serious run for his money. Call me, Rebel.

jock - 2020/08/07

Rebel is a fine male specimen, and his delicious furry crack just sends me over the edge. Great pairing.

Texan78730 - 2020/08/15

This is a HOT video!! The way they were still hard in the shower was an added bonus.

LickandRoll - 2020/08/21

How about Rebel and Seth making a rumble in that bed?

CMH Stud - 2021/06/20

One fucking hot video. From Damien and Rebel in a 69 - loved watching Damien's big dick thrusting into Rebel's bearded mouth to when Rebel was riding Damien's dick and saying 'your fucking cock feels so good in my ass' while his rock hard cock is pointing to the ceiling to Damien shooting his load on Rebel's face.