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Damien Stone Fucks Steve Strongarm

Run Time 21 minutes

Score 4.7

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Hardcore Kissing

Damien Stone Fucks Steve Strongarm

Steve was only a few weeks out from a body building show and never hairier. Watch him take a ride on Damien's dick.

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jock - 2020/09/05

HOLY FUCK!!! Sizzling hot pairing!

Bearpig - 2020/09/05

That was amazing. Hearing them talk about how great it feels, how tight it feels, man that is great.

Silver Daddy - 2020/09/05

Steve’s too hot - every video is hotter than the last. His hairy and defined body contrasts beautifully to Damien’s smooth muscle look. I didn’t last through half if it!

BushLover - 2020/09/07

This is beyond incredible. The way Steve rides that cock is amazing...and that furry muscle ass is to die for. Probably the best video on here!

BentonFraser - 2020/09/15

A great pairing indeed!

Bentonfraser - 2020/09/20

They are sexy, have solid muscular bodies.