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Cum Up The Nose

Run Time 23 minutes

Score 4.93

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Hardcore Oral

Cum Up The Nose

Jack finds a cowboy to be his toy. This cowboy is all about serving Jack and doesn't even cum but Jack does twice and even up the cowboys nose.

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Justlookn2c - 2019/08/23

That was a Fucking masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need more of Jack and the cowboy.

tbone1961 - 2019/08/23

JACK!!! Buffed up. Check. Full beard. Check!!! DAMN!!!!

jwmharford - 2019/08/23

Very hot scene. Two hot guys. Masculine and muscular bottom enjoying being fucked...

Dawg - 2019/08/24

The Blonde deserved a little BJ from Jack and a chance to show off his boner and a big cumshot - maybe in an upcoming pairing. Jack is not adverse to a little pleasure giving as seen in the past. Still a real hot session - WOW

Benton Fraser - 2019/08/24

Jack, as always, is hot, however the “cowboy” never once got hard (was he not “feeling it” with Jack?). Straight guys can be hot, but they need to be willing and able to perform. Jack did bring his “A” game, so it’s worth viewing just for him.

HOt - 2019/08/25

Finally a guy who grabs and hugs Jack the way I like haha

Bearpig - 2019/08/26

Watching Jack fuck is great. Watching Jack fuck someone this hot is that really likes getting a large cock up his ass is even better. Really like seeing Jack get really wild on some muscle power bottom ass. I'm always looking for more piss.

Jaegerman - 2019/08/28

Agree with Bearpig. This was damn hot. Want to see more HANDSFREE pissing while flexing

Chuckers - 2021/09/17

DAMN!!! Thank you for this pairing!!