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Bane Fucks Daxx Carter

Run Time 16 minutes

Score 4.71

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Bane Fucks Daxx Carter

Daxx Carter returns. He's more of a bear now and gets fucked by Bane Diesel.

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DaxxCisMyDream - 2020/03/28

DAXX CARTER IS BACK!!! More of him please! Him and Collin Simpson ❤️

CanHeTakeIt? - 2020/03/29

So Bane has shown he can fuck, but can he take? Anxiously awaiting!

Love Carter - 2020/05/05

Daxx Carter is so hot, if I had a chance I would marry him and let him fuck me all day and night and I would fuck him to, sad he is heterosexual, I just so a interview of him, he is so beautiful, I love that type of face, I love his body, I love his dick, he is the guy of my dreams.