Warm and Fuzzy  

At last! Been a while since we've had a guy with natural body hair here and this ones a keeper. To celebrate, starting with this set, I've included all the video in a continuous movie as well as the easily downloadable video clips.

Kyle had some stage fright while doing this shoot. I included all the video to show the progression of events. It comes in at over 23 minutes of video. We tried different things to relax him and make him feel more comfortable: Dark glasses, wearing his underwear with the waist band at the knees, even music. His choice of music was a surprise; Pantera calms him, he says it's the best music in the world.

We broke often, had some beers, and, talked about the site. I'd told him which one it was before the shoot, but, he never had a chance to take a look at it. I brought it up on the net and gave him a guided tour. Although he's straight, he was interested in hearing about the other models and how their shoots went.

The whole evening paid off quite well. In the end, he was confident enough to round out his movie by cumming on command!

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